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We are the leading supplier of Finger Saver tool in UAE. They are an indispensable assembly and disassembly tool that protects fingers and hands from injuries. Usually fingers are placed on the front line of danger while working with potentially harmful tasks. The Finger Saver tool helps in preventing hand and finger injury by keeping hands away from the hammer impact, cuts, pinch and crush points. It is made of a premium quality, highly robust plastic sheath, a rubber tensioner and a strap made of safety belt material. 

The tool allows you to mitigate any risk involved in the task at hand and it gives you the confidence to perform the work safely. It can benefit several industries like, Oil drilling and refinery, Construction, Maintenance, Automotive, etc. Our goal is to enhance the daily lives of people around the globe by providing Industrial Safety Equipment’s. If you are looking to purchase Finger Saver in UAE, Contact us.

Supplier of Finger Saver in UAE

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